One Of The Most Expensive PlayStation 4 Bundles Got Sold!

We may have never seen such an expensive bundle in the current console generation… but someone still bought it!

Saints Row IV already had a private fort for a million dollars, but that was in the PlayStation 3/Xbox 360 era. Now, the PlayStation 4 got a quite pricy package, which Sony ended up selling. In Taiwan, there was a bundle for 46 thousand dollars, which contained a PlayStation 4 Pro, a PlayStation VR, a PlayStation Plus subscription, a Thrustmaster T-GT racing wheel, an APIGA AP1 racing seat, a 4K Bravia television with HDR support, and a copy of Gran Turismo Sport. The bundle also has a 2018 Mazda MX-5 car (!), with PlayStation and Gran Turismo logos on it. Nice! However, only one such bundle was created, so it’s already rare…

In Europe, there are options for cheaper bundles, though. German supermarket chain Aldi will offer a Gran Turismo Sport bundle in both its Aldi Nord and Aldi Süd stores in Germany. For 299 euros, you can get a limited edition PlayStation 4 Slim, a copy of Gran Turismo Sport with all its Day One Edition content, That’s You! from PlayLink, a Sky Supersport Voucher for one month, and a €10 voucher for Aldi’s Gamekey-Store. This bundle is in stores from October 26.

Source: Comicbook, WCCFTech

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