The creator of GT Sport faces criticism about its offline modes

Kazunori Yamauchi disagrees with the critics of his latest video game.

GT Sport has already hit the stores, and although much was insisted on the multiplayer approach of the work, many players have been surprised by the commitment of Polyphony Digital. Its creator, Kazunori Yamauchi, does not believe that traditional user has been abandoned, and has spoken with the Driving Sunday of The Sunday Times to express his opinion: “In a strict sense, the part that was the GT Mode in the past now it’s called Mission Challenges. It’s for a player and there are different types of races, very short and very long, with different regulations. Car can be adjusted to participate in such races. ”

Disagree with the criticism: “When people say there is no campaign mode or there is no GT mode, it’s not entirely true,” he wanted to clarify, “it’s just a change in the user interface.” All the things you could do in the past in those modes are in GT Sport. At this time, we have a very well-organized menu, but if we had placed all the functions that you see in the menus in a map format, I think the players would have felt that it is exactly the same as they had in past games. ” He also talked about the overall simplification of the game, arguing that the average GT user has changed.

“Twenty years ago, when we did the first Gran Turismo, people knew what happened when you changed an air filter, the player knew what compression ratios in his car increased, but new users no longer have that knowledge, they are not so much interested in cars, so we’ve simplified that area so you can do exactly what you did in the past, but easier to use for people who just want to drive. ” Was a GT Mode in Sport possible? It seems that not: “You could not create enough old and inexpensive cars to make the buying and selling process sufficiently varied at launch.”

We just reviewed GT Sport, so do not hesitate to read our review, to know what awaits you, both in solo mode and in multiplayer.

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