Cupsouls: What If We Mixed Dark Souls With Cuphead? [VIDEO]

Dark Souls doesn’t look too bad as a 20th-century cartoon.

Cuphead was often labeled around its release time as a game that’s just as difficult as FromSoftware’s Dark Souls. A YouTube channel, 64 Bit, has taken notice, and they created a mixture of the two games, resulting in the video below, called Cupsouls. The combination is simply brutal, as it’s both charming and terrifying at the same time. (In its defense, StudioMDHR’s game was capable of pulling it off as well, so fair play to the video’s creators…)

Do we need to say anything else? No. If we got this as a game (not just a video), we’d likely roll on the floor from joy. Keep on dreaming, though. You Died!

Source: YouTube

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