Project CARS 2: The Demo Looks Better Than The Game On Both Xbox One X And PlayStation 4 Pro! [VIDEO]

It’s no joke: Slightly Mad Studios‘ game’s demo has better visuals than the full game on the PlayStation 4 Pro and the Xbox One X!

DigitalFoundry created a detailed analysis of the demo, and while it’s been confirmed that the demo’s visuals will be moved over to the full game in the form of a patch, but until it happens, we can say that the demo looks better than the game. We only see such a difference in E3 presentations (especially with Ubisoft titles…), so it’s a surprise!

The demo has three modes – the first one comes with a dynamic resolution: „1152p to 1440p on PlayStation 4 Pro, rising to 1440p to 1620p on Xbox One X.” The second option turns the visuals up a bit, boosting the details a notch („the same 1440p to 1620p window on Xbox One X (skewing lower to 1440p during gameplay) […], on PS4 Pro, a minimum 882p, rising to 1440p max, but mostly sticking at 1080p”). The final option focuses on delivering sixty frames per second, with another difference in resolution (Sony’s console sticks around 972p-1440p, while Microsoft’s console stays mostly on 1080p, but it can reach 1620p).

Slightly Mad Studios is likely testing the patch with the demo, so it won’t have any problems when Project CARS 2‘s update drops. It’s not a bad idea, to be frank…

Source: DigitalFoundry

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