Star Citizen: Squadron 42: One Hour Of Gameplay! [VIDEO]

Imperium Games kept their promise: they indeed have gone deep into Star Citizen‘s single player section on their latest Twitch stream.

There are no loading screens, which is impressive, even with the fact that the build seen in the video is a pre-alpha one. Also, that means the release date is quite far away, so we’re not going to ask the usual question this time! The concept looks promising, although the bad guys’ cockney accent might be a little annoying. It could be addressed, though.

Technically, there are problems: the frame rate seems to be jarringly low at a few points, and the helmet user interface follows our movement, but the world behind us doesn’t. It will be annoying if you notice it in the video below.

There are two versions of the gameplay video: the first one has no commentary, the second one has the developers talking over it.

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