Destiny 2: Forums Only for Registered Users in the Future? [VIDEO]

A few words are also aimed at the changes regarding the Nightfall Strikes.

YongYea, a YouTuber, has created a video about Destiny 2 following the trends of several MMO games, which means that the forums will be usable in only for registered Destiny 2 players in the future – if you don’t own the game, you have no right to be there. It sounds a bit lame, but let’s not forget, that Blizzard is using the same system since ages ago, and Bungie, as part of the Activision-Blizzard forum is just following the „company policy”.


Bungie also detailed in a blog post how they plan to implement major changes to the Nightfall Strikes. The devs believe that those who want to get through them as fast as possible, as well as those who prefer a slow, methodical approach, should both be capable of completing them. After the changes, there will be a timer that will „bleed” the score over time: after 15 minutes, you’ll only receive 50% of the newly achieved points, and from 18 minutes, you won’t get any points – you should finish the mission by then.

There will be team-based scoring, too. „A team should be able to focus on what works best, not feeling put out by who stole whose kill. Scoring is primarily driven by kills and secondarily by orb generation. We want you to find what works best for clearing strikes instead of telling you which weapons to use, but we want coordinated use of Supers and other team support mechanics to contribute to high scores. We’re interested in restoring special point awards based on medals, but we want your input to understand the basic meta first,” the post says.

There will be Nightfall mods in the Prestige mode, too. Bungie had several design goals with the changes here, such as rewarding you for engaging and defeating enemies instead of running past them, as well as for taking on greater challenges up to the limits of your own capabilities (plus doing it all as fast as possible), and also to avoid over-emphasizing specific mechanics like precision kills. „With Nightfall strike scoring, we were looking to give players a little more control, allowing them to modify their experiences to provide them the challenge they want and incentivize more methodical progression through the activities,” the post reads. The mods will add multipliers to your score, but it will also bleed over time, just like your points. The three mods that Bungie plans to add are the following:

  • Void/Solar/Arc Singe – currently provides a +25% increase to player and enemy damage of the corresponding element.
  • Extinguish – fireteam wipes return the team to orbit
  • Power modifier – voluntarily decrease your power to gain a score bonus.

The Nightfall Strike changes will be implemented on February 27, when the new patch will arrive. Destiny 2 is already available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

Source: ResetEra, Bungie

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