Metroid Prime 4 Isn’t Developed Internally By Nintendo?

Eurogamer, based on multiple sources, claims that they know who is developing Metroid Prime 4.

This game was announced during last year’s E3, but Nintendo didn’t show anything of it, which was reasonable, as the game could have been in a very early development phase. However, at least half a year has passed since then, which means the development should be going well at this point. Eurogamer believes that Bandai Namco‘s Singapore studio is responsible for making the fourth Prime game – the team even employs several ex-LucasArts Singapore members. The latter group was working on Star Wars 1313 in the past.

Eurogamer believes there’s not much of a possibility to see Samus Aran’s new adventures become available this year due to the state of the development. If the game sticks to its first-person perspective adventure/platformer genre, then we can understand if it arrives in 2019. Also, on the Resetera forums, another game was mentioned to be made by the same Bandai Namco team.

The other game would be the Nintendo Switch-exclusive Ridge Racer 8! (Its first game came from the arcades to the first PlayStation almost two and a half decades ago, as a launch title…) It was mentioned in a LinkedIn CV, and the screencap can be seen below.

Bandai Namco seems to not only move its franchise to Nintendo‘s successful platform but also work with one of Nintendo‘s key IPs if we can believe Eurogamer and Resetera. We’ll probably see both games confirmed at E3 in June.

Source: Eurogamer, Resetera

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