DOOM: Does It Run On 4K Resolution After The Patch? [VIDEO]

Let’s see if the patch (which was released on March 29) does push the id Tech 6-using shooter to a 4K resolution on PlayStation 4 Pro and Xbox One X.

VGTech (indeed, for once, not Eurogamer/DigitalFoundry) analyzed the game on both consoles, and this is his synopsis: „the PS4 Pro version uses a dynamic resolution with pixel counts ranging between 2133×1440 and 2560×1440. The most common resolution on PS4 Pro seems to be 2560×1440, but the resolution is often below this figure during demanding scenes. The PS4 Pro does downsample when outputting at 1080p.

The Xbox One X version uses a dynamic resolution with pixel counts ranging between 2688×1512 and 3840×2160. The Xbox One X rarely reaches a resolution of 3840×2160. The resolution on the Xbox One X varies a lot, so it is difficult to get an average figure, but a common range during demanding scenes seems to be between 2688×1512 and 3072×2160.” So DOOM runs on a dynamic 1440p resolution on PlayStation 4 Pro and dynamic 4K on Xbox One X, respectively.

Regarding the average frame rate, Sony loses out on this front, too: while the PlayStation 4 Pro‘s average frames per second were 57.8, the Xbox One X pushed out 59.16. (Before the patch, both consoles ran on 1080p and higher, stable frame rate.)

So despite the technically impressive id Tech 6 engine, even the Xbox One X isn’t capable of a native 4K resolution and sixty frames per second!

Source: WCCFTech

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