God Of War: A Week Needed To Solve A Big Secret In It! [VIDEO]

The players could be clever.

In fact, it’s not even a secret that everyone could outright access, as SIE Santa Monica’s game’s collector’s (Stone Mason Edition) version played a major role in it. This edition of the game has a cloth map, and the developers have hidden a secret on it in the form of runes.

BRKsEDU started to look into the subject, and he figured out that the runes are based on the Eldar Futhark proto-Norse alphabet. Spoiler, spoiler, only look at the image below at your risk, or maybe visit something else on the website altogether…

The text on the left translates to the following, with our punctuation added:„ The brilliant blacksmiths Brok and Sindri traveled all around the lands of Midgard to create this great map for the giantess Faye. A mysterious treasure was found in the space between them at the conclusion of their journey. Unfortunately for the brothers, the treasure’s location was instantly forgotten. Brok retraced his steps and blamed Sindri for losing the treasure. Sindri retraced his steps but knew it was Brok’s fault they could not find it. The treasure was never found, and neither brother has spoken to the other either since.”

Reddit users figured out that the space between them is the Muspelheim Tower under Tyr’s Temple. Here, the cloth map steps in again, but with the instructions at the top. Quotation incoming with punctuation: „To reveal the great treasure stand inside the golden circle and look straight ahead to Tyr’s Temple. Now look to the left brazier, look back to Tyr’s temple, look to the right brazier and back to left brazier.

Having just looked to the left brazier, now look back straight ahead to Tyr’s temple again. Now, look down to the floor, then look up to the right brazier and then back to the left brazier, and finally, look to Tyr’s temple to reveal the forgotten treasure.”

The reward is the Forbidden Grip of the Ages, which increases Kratos’ stats and it also adds a concussive wave at the end of his R1 combo. Look at the video below:

Cory Barlog, the game’s director, already congratulated the fans for finding the secret. God of War is already on its 1.17 patch – unlike with the 1.16 patch (with fixed HDR issues), we have no idea what this one does, as it only has „various bug fixes and improvements” in its patch note. When will the Photo mode arrive?

Source: Polygon

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