Shadow Of The Tomb Raider Has A Large Budget!

Meanwhile, Eidos Montreal is working on something else, too…

GamesIndustry interviewed David Anfossi, the head of Eidos Montreal, who said the following: „Shadow of the Tomb Raider, and other different AAA single-player games, cost $75 million to $100 million. And that’s production only — it’s close to $35 million on the promotion. So there’s pressure. We cannot avoid it.” So the budget for ONLY the development could be as much as one hundred million dollars!

However, Eidos Montreal tries to succeed: the 500-strong team is expanding, and the studio is seeing renovations, too, which is necessary. Aside from Lara, the team is supporting the development of an Avengers title, and there’s also a third, unannounced project in the works. (It could be Guardians of the Galaxy – we may have written about that rumor last year.)

Anfossi talked about how he’d like to make an original title, too: „I have been thinking about that for ten years, actually. I know by experience that it’s very, very difficult to develop a new IP. We have to be very humble about that. For me, like for every project actually, you have to find the right talent, with enough experience to tackle that. But also be able to work together. It’s a very big challenge, but I would definitely like, at some point, to try and create a new universe.”

Perhaps that third game could realize Anfossi’s dream, possibly on next-gen hardware.

Source: WCCFTech

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