RAGE 2 Is NOT Using id Tech 6!

A surprising twist: RAGE 2 isn’t using the engine seen in DOOM and Wolfenstein II: The Old Colossus.

Christopher Sundberg, the Avalanche Studios boss (Just Cause, Mad Max) confirmed on Twitter that RAGE 2 is using Apex, Avalanche’s open-world engine. That’s weird, because Avalanche co-develops the game with id Software, from who they could have easily borrowed id Tech 6 (and since they made that engine, they’d also receive the know-how as well… and the first RAGE used the previous id Tech engine iteration).

So, Avalanche won’t have to learn the tricks with the engine (as they use their proprietary one), but they still have to do a few things not to make us look at RAGE 2 as a love child between Borderlands and Mad Max – we are not impressed yet.

RAGE 2 will launch next Spring on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. It’s likely going to launch in March to fit into the current fiscal year.

Source: Twitter

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