[E3 2018] Halo Infinite: To Infinity And Beyond? [VIDEO]

343 Industries, as expected, announced the next Halo game, which, interestingly, did not get a number in its title.

Microsoft‘s synopsis also starts somewhat awkwardly by saying „The Master Chief returns.” There’s no need to use a „the” there unless the legendary helmet hides another person at this point… or, Microsoft might have made a grammatical mistake.

Grammar aside, 343 Industries‘ game is going to use a brand new engine called SlipSpace. During Microsoft’s E3 conference, we only got a teaser, which showed a „thrilling engine demo that provides a glimpse into the future of the Halo franchise, leading it into new and unexpected directions.”

We believe that Halo Infinite, which got no target platforms or release date, could be in development for the next Microsoft console. We say this because, at a later point in the conference, the Redmond-based company talked about being „deep into the architecture” of the next hardware.

If we add Bethesda’s announcements (Starfield, The Elder Scrolls VI both being in development for next-gen), we might not be far from the truth… unless Halo Infinite becomes a battle royale title!

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