Pro Evolution Soccer 2019: A Trailer With One Of The „Protagonists” [VIDEO]

Konami sees money in putting more than one footballists on the game’s cover…

Konami will release Pro Evolution Soccer 2019 physically in two versions: the Standard Edition will feature Phillippe Coutinho, while the 10 dollar/euro more expensive Special Edition (20 weeks instead of 10 with a premium agent for 75+-rated players, 20 weeks instead of 10 to extend three players’ contracts which means 60 matches and not 30, Beckham could be part of our team while in the Standard, he’s on a 10-match loan, and Coutinho could be with us on a 10-match loan, regardless of version) will feature David Beckham, a football veteran by this point.

Three videos have arrived – the first one features Beckham himself, the second one is the E3 trailer with Maradona and Roberto Carlos, and the third one is from E3: it is a stream that shows the upcoming football game in action. Pro Evolution Soccer, which expanded with seven exclusive leagues (Argentina, Denmark, Portugal, Belgium, Switzerland, Scotland, Russia), tries to compete with FIFA.

Pro Evolution Soccer 2019 will launch on August 28/30 (US/worldwide) on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

Source: DualShockers

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