Here’s 20 minutes of gameplay from Overkill’s The Walking Dead

Three years after the original teaser and after the CGI trailers we finally are able to see an actual gameplay footage.

Based on the gameplay it’s clear that this game heavily resembles Valve’s classic series, Left 4 Dead in terms of its atmosphere and general gameplay mechanic. However, it also resembles these games – sadly – in terms of its technical level. Overkill‘s new game looks very unpolished, visually it looks like a prev-gen game, while the animations and the framerate are both very choppy.

The CGI trailers had a very different and more serious vibe and they also foreshadowed a game that is much higher quality, so there’s a big backlash in the gaming community against this game right now. To give you an example, the video linked below has two times as much dislikes as likes.

It’s questionable whether the game turned out to be something good or not by the time of its release, given the fact that it’s very imminent. Overkill’s The Walking Dead‘s Deluxe Edition will release on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One on September 8th.

Source: JeuxVideo

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