A Sly Cooper animated series is coming in 2019

Sony’s exclusive series will visit the world of TV soon.

It was a long time ago that Sony announced that Sly Cooper could get it’s own animated series – after a lot of wait however we finally got a date. The series will start to air in October, 2019, and with the first episode a trailer will drop too, showing elements from the first season.

The series will have 51 episodes (each 11 minutes long), and based ont he current plans the first season will run from October, 2019 up until July, 2020. PGS Entertainment is responsible for the production.

Sony already pointed out before that Sly Cooper‘s colorful characters and story lines are ideal for television and they have no doubt that teenagers will be happy to see their beloved game become a series, while the little ones will be delighted with this elegant raccoon and its exciting universe “.

The only question is when we are going to get a new Sly Cooper game.

Source: 3DJuegos

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