Phantom Doctrine: a New Gameplay Video for the Tactical Spy Thriller! [VIDEO]

CreativeForge Games, which wants to pay homage to classics such as XCOM, is soon to release its vision of the Cold War.

The guys from CreativeForge Games are putting the finishing touches on Phantom Doctrine, an espionage thriller with a strong emphasis on the tactical component. In view of its launch on August 14, 2018, in just two weeks, have released a new trailer.

In this video, entitled Mission Debriefing, those responsible for the game present the strategic gameplay in turns in which we have to infiltrate enemy facilities, investigate new technologies and take part in this fascinating Cold War that they propose with Phantom Doctrine.

The title has veterans of great studios such as, for example, a Marcin Przybylowicz who lent his talent to the composition of the soundtrack of the legendary The Witcher III: Wild Hunt.

Source: 3DJuegos

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