Work with Elon Musk: Tesla looks for video game developers

TECH NEWS – The arrival of some Atari classics to their next Tesla V9.0 favours the offer.

Elon Musk, co-founder of companies such as PayPal, SpaceX, Hyperloop or Tesla, has shared with his Twitter followers that the new version of the operating system of their cars, the Tesla V9.0, will include a series of recreational classics by Atari as an easter egg, without specifying details about the number of hidden titles or the names of them.

Musk mentioned that Pole Position, Tempest, and Missile Command will be amongst the games.

He even said that the controls in Pole Position will be linked to the actual steering wheel. Of course, that will only be available when the vehicle is parked.

Taking advantage of the announcement, Musk has shared a job offer for video game developers: they look for programmers for Tesla, who seems interested in the development of playable experiences. “We want to make fun games to integrate on our touch screens,” said Musk. Its goal, like that of any industry publisher, is to bet “for the best gameplay and creativity.”

The way in which users can unlock this content has not been revealed. We will have to wait until the premiere of Tesla V9.0 in four weeks to learn new details.

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