Suspiria: the reactions about the remake are very polarizing

MOVIE NEWS – The first reviews are in about the remake of 1977’s horror classic.

At the Venice Film Festival, the remake of Italian cult-classic horror movie Suspiria was shown for the first time. However, the movie didn’t get a three-minute standing ovation like the First Man or A Star is Born. Instead, a lot of people left the room before the screening of the movie ended and some people booed the movie when the credits started to roll.

By the way, it’s more than likely that some people left the theatre because of the extreme level of violence that the movie has – apparently, the movie turned out to be quite gruesome. Aside from this, it’s also important to mention that next to the negative reactions there are quite some positive as well. Some people call the movie great and some say it’s the best horror movie of the year.

As for Dakota Johnson, the viewers of the movie are quite satisfied with her performance and many people say her acting was superb.

Source: Movieweb

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