Halloween 2 could happen

MOVIE NEWS – The first movie isn’t even out yet but the leader of the company behind the movie has already talked about the possibility of a sequel.

Many sequels followed 1978’s cult classic Halloween, but all of them failed to match its brilliance and level of quality. The series has undergone multiple reboots in the past decades, but none of the new movies lived up to the original.

The new Halloween movie debuted at the Toronto International Film Festival and it garnered a huge praise, which is a good sign, especially for a horror movie. The movie aims to de-canonize the sequels and reboots and only keep the story of the ’78 classic – it acts as a prequel to the new story.

The leader of the company behind the movie, Jason Blum talked about the possibility of a sequel.

“I’d love to do sequels, and I hope we do a sequel and we will do a sequel if the movie performs. We’re not going to decide if we do a sequel or not until we see the reaction to this movie. But I really hope to make it.”

Halloween is going to hit theatres on October 19th.

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