Matter: What Is Bungie Up To?

Bungie might be already developing something that is related to the NetEase-investment, making it easier to make it launch in China.

In June, we wrote about how Bungie, who formerly worked on Halo titles (and now focused on Destiny), received over a hundred million dollars by a major Chinese gaming company called NetEase. The European trademark filing could be related to the investment, and Matter seems to have a colourful logo. Let’s see the definition: „video game software” (this one needs no description), and „electronic games services provided using the internet or another communication network,” which means Matter could have online services or a multiplayer focus.

On ResetEra, there are already some guesses what Matter could be, but it’s probably too early to do so.

So, Bungie might be working on something non-Destiny related, unless Destiny 3 will be related to Matter in a way or another. We’ll see in a few years.

Source: PCGamer

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