Borderlands 2 Heads To The PlayStation VR! [VIDEO]

Woah: Randy Pitchford and Gearbox seems to have worked more than on their „public secret” Gearbox 3 in the past months…

The PlayStation VR port of Borderlands 2 will be single-player only, and we can use one of the four Vault Hunters (Salvador, Maya, Axton, Zer0) in Borderlands 2 VR, which will have a new bullet time added called BAMF Time (Bad Ass Mega Fun Time), allowing us to use one of the „87 bazillion” guns. (Perhaps the slow-mo is the reason why there won’t be co-op either!)

Another addition is copied from the press release: „For the first time, players can experience the sublime exhilaration of driving around the Borderlands in the first-person perspective – accelerating and steering with the joystick and aiming the vehicle’s weapons with their headset. With the use of the motion controllers and headset, players can interact with the menu systems in a new and intuitive way for the platform, easily navigating through the menus by pointing, clicking, dragging and dropping. Players will also have the choice of preferred movement styles. Whether that’s the VR popular pointed-teleportation or the classic direct movement style with joysticks – your experience should feel good for VR and true to form of classic Borderlands.”

Here’s the kicker. No, it’s not the release date (December 14 on PlayStation VR), but the price: Borderlands 2 VR will cost 50 dollars! Are you serious…?

Source: Gematsu

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