Is Microsoft Going To Acquire The Devs Behind Fallout: New Vegas?

Microsoft has already purchased several studios by E3 this year, but Phil Spencer seems to continue the acquisitions.

Kotaku cites „three people briefed on the negotiations” that Microsoft is planning to acquire Obsidian Entertainment. They believe the deal is „90% finished,” and that „It’s a matter of when not if.” So, the developers behind Pillars of Eternity, or Fallout: New Vegas are about to get a new owner, but, as expected, nobody is commenting on the rumour…

Towards the end of 2017, a Take-Two publishing brand, Private Division, announced that they would release an RPG developed by Obsidian. However, they also remained silent on the Microsoft-acquisition rumour. Since Obsidian is mainly focused on developing for PC, and how Microsoft plans to strengthen its PC development, we can understand their approach.

Phil Spencer, the head of Xbox, might be announcing the Obsidian acquisition in November, at the XO18 event in Mexico City…

Source: Gematsu

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