Capcom Plans To Launch Three Major Games A Year

The Japanese company has published its annual report, which revealed a few new details about Capcom.

„Games are luxury items, not essentials. This is why the brand must be of world-class quality,” Kenji Tsujimoto, Capcom’s CEO, says. Under „brand,” he means all Capcom IPs from Resident Evil to Monster Hunter.

Nowadays, Capcom‘s motto is „from Osaka to the world,” and their corporate culture is based on „a spirit that is always eager to take on new challenges and a sense of pride to constantly strive to be world-class deeply ingrained in every Capcom employee.” Their Osaka headquarters isn’t focused on their Japanese players, and they have 2100 employees at the moment – they have been increasing by a hundred each year. Their goal is to reach 2500 by 2021.

Tsujimoto identifies the new games as growth drivers, and Capcom‘s goal is to release „approximately three major titles each year,” as well as extend the games’ life to three to four years by pricing strategies and expanding them with content over the years. They also don’t want to ignore the North American and the European regions – these two areas take up 85% of the console market… (And they also plan to re-release their older games, but we wrote about that subject before.)

„First, if the game isn’t good, it won’t sell; second, if you don’t pursue global brands, you won’t survive in the game industry,” Yoichi Egawa, director and corporate executive officer, says. He took charge of the game development division two years ago. His motto is „never run away, never give up,” and his focus will be on „producing both world-class quality and profitability, creating hit mobile titles, addressing the development of esports and a long-term sales model, and strengthening network technology for multi-player competition and the like.”

In the current fiscal year (which started in April and will end in March 2019), they already released the PC port of Monster Hunter: World and Mega Man 11, and they also have Devil May Cry 5, and Resident Evil 2 Remake out in early 2019. They are hitting their target already…

Source: DualShockers

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