RAGE 2 Will Have Less Emphasis On Vehicles And More On The Colours!

GamesTM’s newest (and possibly last, as Future Media decided to shut the publication down) issue has an interview with Avalanche Software‘s Loke Wallmo (senior game designer) and id Software‘s Tim Willits (studio head) regarding RAGE 2. WCCFTech took a few quotes from it.

„We’ve played around with this Nanotrite idea quite a bit. I think the Nanotrite powers, in particular, give the player increased dynamics, increased movement and a way to fight without the weapons. You will do the majority of your fighting with weapons, of course. But the Nanotrite powers add a lot to the mix; they help improve crowd control, movement, physicality and playfulness. It took us a long while to get that right, but I think – as you’ve seen today after playing it, hopefully – that you’ll feel like they work very well together,” Wallmo said. „It’s all about getting you into the action a little bit faster. Because Rage 2 has such a big open world, you can approach combat situations from anywhere and in any way that you want to. For example, we reward you for using abilities – it charges your Overdrive, you get different drops – it’s one of the many ways we get you into the action and keep you there,” Willits added.

The game will be more colourful than the first one, and the duo confirms this thought: „A lot of that came from, first, the desire to push it far from Rage. And then looking at what the Apex technology could do for us with the jungles and the forests and the swamps and the large cities. And that brought us light and colour with the vegetation. That led us to have more colourful characters, and people have evolved and let us have more interesting buildings and skies. And now we have a marketing campaign. So it’s helped establish a unique identity in this world that’s sometimes crowded with brown games,” Willits says. „You can’t just add colour to anything. So it’s a part of the identity of Rage, as well. It’s supposed to be fun, crazy, over-the-top, so it works well with what we’re trying to do with the gameplay, with the characters, with the factions. It made a lot of sense to make everything as colourful as we could,” Wallmo adds.

RAGE 2 will have less of an emphasis on vehicles than say, Mad Max: „It is different in the sense that the gameplay is focusing on more guns on the vehicles, more explosions and gadgets and more over-the-top stuff like that. So it does create a different starting point for where you want to go with the vehicles. But we’re not focusing on the vehicles that much. You will have one major combat vehicle that is engineered for fighting out in the wasteland, but you can drive anything with wheels. And some other stuff, as well. It’s definitely up to you how you want to approach getting around the world and what you wanna do. And those main vehicles that you have are upgradable, you can customise the weapons and loadouts a bit,” Wallmo said.

RAGE 2 will be out in the Spring on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

Source: WCCFTech

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