Outcast: Second Contact Is Free For A Limited Time!

Via a small deal, one of the famous PC games of 1999 could be ours in an updated, remade format.

1999’s Outcast‘s remake was launched last year, and although we didn’t like it a lot (it felt somewhat outdated, but we don’t deny that in its time, it was an outstanding game!), but now, until November 24, 10 AM Pacific, we can pick it up on PC for free, and, as a bonus, Outcast: Second Contact would be a DRM-free version!

You have to visit Humble Bundle, add the game to your basket, and check out. It will be in your library, and it will require 5.9 GB to download the game (then a bit more to install it). You have to sign up for Humble’s newsletter and have an account, but Cutter Slade’s adventures are worth taking a minute or two to get these things done…

Attention! You have to download the game until November 29, as then, the game will disappear! Get the downloading done by then, and you’ll have the installer on your hard drive whenever you feel like playing this game.

Source: PCGamer

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