PlayStation Plus: What Do We Get For December? [VIDEO]

Is the last 2018 PlayStation Plus line-up good, or is it a disappointment?

The PlayStation 4-users will get SOMA and Onrush, so we’re going to get Frictional Games’ horror game, as well as Codemasters’ arcade racing game by the makers of MotorStorm (who previously raised the bar significantly high at Evolution). The PlayStation 3 is going to get Steredenn and Steins;Gate and the PlayStation Vita will receive Papers, Please, and Iconoclasts. This time, only one Vita title is cross-buy, namely Iconoclasts.

It’s not exaggerating to express that for the end of the year, this list of games isn’t that strong. Sure, Onrush is a game from this year, but we have seen far better December games in previous years, so… we got the short end of the stick.

The games will replace the November titles on Tuesday (and will be available until January 1), but seeing this list, we could go as far and say that you might be better off playing the November line-up…

Source: PlayStation Blog

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