Games Might Have To Wait Even More To Enter The Chinese Market!

IHS Markit, an analyst firm, thinks that despite having a new Online Games Ethics Committee in China, the games that are waiting to enter the communist country might have to wait for just as much than before, if not more…

The committee has already reviewed twenty, currently unknown, but likely popular, titles – nine of them have been rejected, and eleven need to be modified. It might mean that the license freeze that has been going on in China for several months might end soon (this freeze affected Tencent badly), but IHS Markit thinks the Chinese censors first look into the games that are already on the market before they start checking those which are on „the waiting list…”

IHS Markit believes there’s no exception: even those who have a commercial license in China might be checked, which could increase costs for the developers and publishers, and the games that have been waiting for entering the Chinese market with its potential hundreds of millions of players and thus revenue, might have to wait even longer than before. Are we talking about a Chinese online police state in games?

It wouldn’t be surprising if even Rainbow Six: Siege gets analysed, even though it has gone through some international censorship to enter the country – however, Ubisoft has relegated the changes to only that region of the world, retracting the changes elsewhere…

Source: Gamesindustry

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