Fortnite Isn’t The Best In Just Gaming!

Epic Games might not have expected to be the leader in such a subject…

Pornhub has released its annual review – 33.5 million visits, 4403 petabytes of data transferred. How is it related to Fortnite? Well, year-on-year, the game has climbed 17323 (yes, that’s more than seventeen thousand) places to get 15th place in the search terms. With it, it passed several pornographic search terminologies (such as big tits, or even anime!). (In the top 20, there’s another game: Overwatch, despite dropping seven places.)

In „The Searches that Defined 2018” list, Fortnite reached the second position, and only one other gaming-related term got to top 10 (Bowsette, a female form of Bowser, and let’s not go into details…). If Epic Games‘ game got a new skin, or if Fortnite has gone down, the searches have gone up (in the latter scenario, it increased by 60%). Here are the most popular video game character searches, with no Dead or Alive in the list for some reason…

Pornhub has also released its traffic charts by game consoles. Xbox and PlayStation did not get divided into Xbox One or Xbox 360 for example, so we don’t know their percentages. PlayStation has taken most of the pie with its 54.4% (which is a 3% decrease year-on-year), followed by Xbox (33%; +4%), the PlayStation Vita (7.3%; +50%!), the Nintendo Wii U (4.6%; -6%), and the Nintendo 3DS (0.7%; -49%!!!).

The one time the PlayStation Vita sees an increase, it’s porn-related, and it happens just as it is about to die. What a timing…

Source: WCCFTech

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