The PlayStation Classic Can’t Even Get Near The SNES Classic’s Sales In Japan!

Japanese firm Media Create released the country’s last week’s software and hardware sales, and now, we have a direct way to compare the PlayStation Classic‘s sales data with the Super Nintendo Entertainment System Classic’s (or, in Japan, the Super Famicom Classic/Mini).

Nintendo wins the duel with an easy KO: while the Sony mini emulator machine sold 120 thousand units during its launch week, Famitsu reports that the mini SNES sold 369 thousand units in four days after its launch. (The Western comparison probably wouldn’t be better, but Sony didn’t publish sales information about the PS Classic, which runs PS1 games worse than a hacked SNES mini.)

The situation will likely not be helped by Nintendo shutting down the NES and the SNES Classic‘s restocking in the United States (they are probably working on the rumoured N64 mini…), as the PlayStation Classic, which did get some decent games in Japan (such as Parasite Eve, which was taken out from the Western edition…), shows weak performance both in sales and in-game emulation…

Source: Gamesindustry

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