Amazon Plans To Launch A Game Streaming Service!

Google’s Project Stream might be getting a competitor… and not a small one.

The Information reports that Jeff Bezos’ company, Amazon (who also owns Twitch…), plans to launch a game streaming service. Other companies have also announced plans to do so – Microsoft has xCloud, Google as Project Stream, Sony already started PlayStation Now; Electronic Arts announced Project Atlas, and Ubisoft also sees the future in streaming. Deadline also reported the internal plans for the service.

Amazon is allegedly in talks with publishers to have their games available on this unnamed service, which might already start in 2020. However, we don’t know yet if the beta is set to arrive next year, or the whole service is planned to fire up in 2020.

Multiple major companies are planning to get into games being streamed over the internet so we could play on any device (Microsoft previously said that with xCloud, we could play Halo on our phone), so the future might be in streaming.

Source: GameSpot

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