[CES 2019] Star Wars’ Lightsabers Are Becoming A Reality! [VIDEO]

TECH NEWS – Star Wars‘ iconic weapon, the lightsaber, isn’t a toy anymore.

A French company named Solari introduced the WAAN Combat Lightsaber at CES. Its battery can hold up to six hours (which means the force could be with us…), and it also has an application that checks the Bluetooth connectivity, as well as our techniques. The price is also promising because it is set to cost 250 dollars. For a lightsaber, that doesn’t seem to be a ridiculously high price.

Solari tries to get 86.5 thousand dollars on Kickstarter, but they already have 81 grand with 22 days until the campaign ends, so it seems they will be able to produce more lightsabers (the first ones are planned to be shipped in September)… unless Disney and LFL step in, as they do not endorse the product. (They either might order a cease-and-desist or step in to take a big chunk of the profits…)

We have taken the video from BBC‘s website.

Source: BBC, Jedinews

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