Days Gone Release Date Announced! [VIDEO]

And You won’t have to wait long!

Sony Bend Studio intends to give everything with its next big project after offering in the past works as Uncharted: The Golden Abyss . And, with their new production, they want to take on their first video game of great importance in the key of new IP that they develop for a desktop video game console.

The press release on the Sony website is the following:

“Today, in the first of a series of three videos, we offer you a look at the Farewell Wilderness, the setting for Days Gone, a unique landscape that is as beautiful as it is dangerous.

Travelling the abandoned highways of the Farewell Wilderness is deadly. You’ll pass through thick forests of ponderosa and pine (filled with wolves), venture into naturally formed lava tube caves (filled with Freakers), and ride up steep trails to snow-covered peaks offering spectacular vistas (mind the Marauders – and Freakers — and cougars). Riding the broken roads through Days Gone offers landscapes that change quickly and dramatically, a living, breathing world – filled with things trying to kill you.

The breathtaking natural beauty of Oregon’s High Desert, scarred by ancient volcanic activity, shaped in modern times by a dubious history of mining and logging, has long been a recreational area for outdoor enthusiasts who love to hike, camp, fish and backpack.

During the pandemic that killed the world, tens of thousands of survivors fled into the wilderness not realising that it was no safer than the homes, cabins, truck stops, saw mills and small towns they left behind.

Freakers, drawn to mass graves dug throughout the Farewell Wilderness, were everywhere. Swarms of Freakers, Hordes of Freakers – all looking to feed. Throw in marauding groups of human enemies looking to rob and pillage everyone in their path, wildlife – infected or not – starving for food, and crazed cultists terrorizing anyone who won’t join them – and our love letter to the region begins to sound more like a eulogy.”

Days Gone will be released on PS4 on April 26, 2019, so in just three months we can enjoy it.

SOURCE: PlayStation Blog

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