The Witcher Will Not Be For Kids!

MOVIE NEWS – Lauren S. Hissrich, the showrunner of the Netflix The Witcher series, is warning us.

We already know that The Witcher will have an eight-episode season on Netflix either in 2019 or in 2020, featuring Henry Cavill who didn’t look as good as several other cosplayers (we wrote about it before). Now let’s add what Hissrich wrote on Twitter: „[I] just watched a cut of #Witcher with Ben, and the verdict is in: this show is not for 5-year-olds. Like, really not. #TalesOfAWorkingMom”

While CD Projekt RED’s The Witcher games didn’t get an M (Mature) rating for no reason, they didn’t receive them because of the violence. Nope. Instead, they got the M rating because of Geralt, the protagonist himself. He gets women in bed, let’s not beat around the bush! It seems the Netflix series will also get a similar rating then.

So, Netflix isn’t going to make the experience (originally created by The Witcher novels’ writer Andrzej Sapkowski, turned into games by CD Projekt RED) „watered up,” which is a great decision.

Source: PCGamer

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