Silent Hill Celebrates Its 20 Years Since its Launch

Konami launched on January 31, 1999, one of the most beloved and acclaimed survival horrors in history.

Today the video game industry celebrates the twentieth anniversary of the launch of one of the most beautiful and terrifying survival horror, I remember Silent Hill. The adventure developed by Konami was originally launched on January 31, 1999, for PlayStation in the North American market; In Europe, it took until February 24 to enjoy the story starring Harry Mason.

The designers of Silent Hill knew how to create school becoming one of the first video games to masterfully explore something as complex as psychological terror. His success would be born several games, among which stand out the equally outstanding Silent Hill 2.

In 2010 Silent Hill also premiered: Shattered Memories, a reinterpretation of the original classic for PS2, PSP and Nintendo Wii. Likewise, in 2006 it inspired an interesting horror film that was thought as one of the few films inspired by industry releases that have managed to find some affection among the public.

Returning to the grave, the Silent Hill saga is currently living a long period of impasse after the cancellation of Silent Hills, a project born of the collaboration of Hideo Kojima and Guillermo del Toro.

After the recent success of the remake of Resident Evil 2, another of the great horror video games in history, there are many who ask in social networks a similar work with Silent Hill, although today there has been no news or I suggest that I invite you to believe that Konami could be working on such a mission.

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