Nera: the first 3D-printed electric motorbike is made [VIDEO]

TECH NEWS – Nera, which is made by the German company BigRep is a prototype, which aims to show the possibilities proposed by large-scale 3D printers.

While it’s obviously not the nicest-looking vehicle on the road, still, in this case, the function is more important than form. In fact, Nera is a totally different kind of motorbike. It is done with a 3D printer, it is electronic, and it aims to host a new concept of sustainability to the automotive world. The bike is designed by NowLab, which the innovation department of German company BigRep. This futuristic two-wheeler, in fact, looks like a cross between Tron’s light cycle and a city moped and it is certainly one of a kind. According to its creator, it is actually the first two-wheeled vehicle to combine 3D printing with an electric drive system, and while it is only a prototype, the goal is to show the world that a new form of production is possible.

Another surprising aspect is weight, as the Berlin-based company asserts that Nera assesses in at around 60 kg, a true featherweight. Additionally, the motorbike carries a number of futuristic components. Firstly, the tyres are tubeless and have an internal honeycomb structure which means they do not need to be inflated in order to counter the unevenness of the road. There are also a number of programmable LED lights which do not only illuminate but can also communicate messages. Lastly, as it’s 3D-printed, components such as the saddle can be personalised according to the physical characteristics of the rider.

“In building Nera, the engineers have not simply adapted existing motorbike models, but have created a motorbike that uses large-scale FFF (Fused Filament Fabrication) technology”, stated Stephan Beyer, CEO and co-founder of BigRep. He continues: “They have created a new point of reference for a truly creative design which goes beyond the limits of traditional mechanical engineering”. The result can now be seen by everyone and the next step is to see how it performs on the road and therefore how close this prototype is to becoming reality.

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