Is The PlayStation Classic So Bad That Sony Has To Give It Away For Free?!

Sure, Sony doesn’t have a worldwide offer, but what the PlayStation Classic does is nothing short of catastrophic.

Previously, we talked about how the price of the PlayStation Classic was quickly cut in half, but there’s still no bottom of the barrel for the badly performing (and possibly worse selling!) mini emulation machine. Jeuxvideo-Live, a French website, reports that in the Middle East, in Kuwait, X-Cite is having a deal until March 2. If you buy either a PlayStation 4 Slim or a PlayStation 4 Pro there, you can either get a free DualShock 4 controller or a free PlayStation Classic! We have to remind you: the console launched two months (!!!) ago…

Even if it’s a temporary, small offer in just one country, we still cannot leave it behind – it can’t be a coincidence. If Sony needs such offers to get rid of the PlayStation Classic stocks, all we can do is just facepalm…

Source: Jeuxvideo-Live


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