Sony Doesn’t Seem To Abandon The PlayStation Move!

The new PlayStation VR, which is possibly in development by now, might get a brand new PlayStation Move along with it…

SiliconEra reports about Sony Interactive Entertainment’s two new patents, which were registered in 2017, but they were published on February 7, 2019. Both of them would be used for home game machines’ motion controls in an upgraded format.

Going by the images, it seems that the PlayStation Move‘s new model might be getting L2/R2-like buttons. There would also be a thumb sensor block (seen at number 231), which is a depressable button, and via the sensor, we could feel the size and texture of the virtual object, depending on the game and the positioning of our hand. The virtual objects could be pressed down, but the controller would return to its shape over time, creating an illusion that we might be pressing into said object. The other patent would remap the controls depending on which arm we use.

The ideas are interesting, but the patents don’t always end up being used in the final products…

Source: SiliconEra

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