Is Watch Dogs 3 Going To Be A Next-Gen Launch Title? [VIDEO]

Ubisoft is very likely to develop Watch Dogs 3 already at this point…

In April 2018. it already seemed that the French company is starting to push the Watch Dogs franchise from two to three. Now, a new trademark has surfaced for Watch Dogs, which was registered in November 2018. Why would the French publisher do it if it isn’t for a new instalment in the series? There’s no numbering, though, which is weird. Previously, the smartphone assistant app (do you still remember that?) also seemed to tease the next Watch Dogs 3.

Going by the registration, it’s likely that the next game in the series might be a launch title on the PlayStation 5 (unofficial name at the moment!) and the Xbox Scarlett (same here!), as we are heading towards the end of the current console generation.

Ubisoft got caught red-handed again. (Unless they will just do a next-gen re-release of the first game…)

Source: Jeuxvideo-Live

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