Shawn Layden from Sony: “Never underestimate Nintendo”

The head of SIE Worldwide Studios also praises Microsoft‘s commitment to Xbox Adaptive Controller.

Shawn Layden, president of SIE Worldwide Studios, has not hesitated to praise Nintendo in a talk held yesterday as part of the DICE Summit in Las Vegas. In it, he has warned that the Great N should never be underestimated and that everyone in the industry is better off thanks to their efforts.

“The best-selling console of the year 2018 in the United States was Nintendo Switch, they risked a lot with its market launch, people thought they could stay out of the hardware sector since children now play on their smartphones, laptops are no longer so alive, etc. But as I said before: never underestimate Nintendo, we are all better for their efforts, “Layden explained.

The Sony PlayStation high command also wanted to refer to Microsoft and its recent commitment to the inclusive game seen in an applauded announcement in the Super Bowl. “We must continue to make efforts to make the games more accessible, as Xbox has done with its Adaptive Controller adaptable and we have had the privilege of doing it with our software, we have to make sure everyone can play .”

Shawn Layden spoke not only about the competition, but the Sony executive also acknowledged the mistakes made with PlayStation 3 in its launch.

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