Even Capcom Admits It: One Resident Evil 2 Remake Character Has Become A Meme! [VIDEO]

Even the developers say that since the end of January, Mr X has become a „star” on the Internet!

Kazunori Kadoi, one of the directors of Resident Evil 2 Remake, told PCGamer that they „had no idea that people would enjoy Tyrant to this degree.” That’s not all, Kadoi even brought up the mod where Mr X’s footsteps are replaced by DMX’s X Gon’ Give It To Ya song: „It’s always unpredictable what will truly resonate with fans no matter how much you aim for something particular, but it’s always a pleasant surprise when fans walk away from a game with a positive experience and have something to share with their peers.”

Kadoi also debunked the rumour that there are more than one Mr X (or Tyrant…) in Raccoon City, as he hunts for both Leon and Claire: „There’s only one Tyrant. You could say that each scenario could be considered a parallel world, which is why you see Tyrant appear multiple times.” He also pointed out that in Resident Evil 2 Remake, something is far different from the original PS1 release: they reworked the character’s artificial intelligence, which means there’s no scripted wall-breaking here: „Tyrant will track you down regardless of being rooms apart from each other, so the fundamental components of his AI are vastly different.” (And if he doesn’t find us quick enough, his hearing becomes much stronger than before…)

That’s not all – the mods are continued to be made. Mr X was now replaced by… Thomas the Tank Engine. Look at the video, and then get shocked:

If you’re no longer in a „WTF?” state, you can get the model here, and the music/sound effects here. You can also mix the mod with the DMX one.

Source: DualShockers, PCGamer

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