Days Gone Has Gone Gold!

Sony Interactive Entertainment Bend Studio’s game has its master disc ready, which means the physical manufacturing can begin.

SIE Bend wrote the following on Twitter: „Our team has done it! Days Gone has gone gold. It’s been quite the ride and we can’t wait for you to experience our game on April 26.” However, the manufacturing began 1.5 months before the game’s release date, so the developers will definitely continue working on Days Gone to make a day-1 patch for it, which has been a trend nowadays.

The last time we saw SIE Bend release game, it was roughly 7 years ago in 2011/2012, both titles being on the PlayStation Vita – aside from the launch title Uncharted: Golden Abyss, they also created a card game called Uncharted: Fight for Fortune.

Days Gone is going to be the first major PlayStation 4-exclusive for Sony in 2019, and it was planned to come out on February 22… but they made the right move to slightly delay Deacon St. John’s survival adventures (and seeing how God of War was killing it last April, it’s basically justified at this point).

Days Gone is out on April 26, exclusively on PlayStation 4.

Source: Gematsu

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