The PlayStation Store’s Refund Policy Has Changed! Does It Benefit Us?

The PlayStation Store changed its refund policy, but let’s take a look if the customers can benefit from it.

We’re not going to verbatim quote what PlayStation‘s website wrote, but we’re going to recap you what they say in a tidy format. (And thus, we don’t do the good old copy and paste method this time around!) Let’s see how we can get our money back. Currently, this policy is valid for North America, but we are hopeful that Europe will switch to this system, too!

With the games, you can cancel your pre-order up to the game’s release date, but you only have fourteen days from the initial transaction to request a refund! What about games that have already launched and you bought them? Well, you can still get the money back into your PlayStation Network wallet, but only if you haven’t started downloading/streaming said content, and again, if you request the refund within fourteen days of purchase. Otherwise, you have to prove that the item is faulty. (That sounds interesting. Is there even an example of that? Sony didn’t clarify what they mean by that…)

What about PlayStation Plus / PlayStation Now / Spotify Premium subscriptions? Again, you have fourteen days from the transaction to get refunded, but in this case, depending on how much you have used the service, you might get less money back. (First, you get the full money back into your PSN wallet, but then, you get charged depending on the usage of said service.) Also, about changing your online ID: there’s no cancellation or refund!

So, Sony has mostly done the right steps, but don’t forget the two-week timeframe! (It seems that Anthem’s questionable quality in February, as well as pulling out the PlayStation Network game codes from retailers – such as GameStop – by April 1 have allowed Sony to change their policy…)

Source: WCCFTech

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