Even Rez’ Creator Has Seen Death Stranding (Which Might Sound Good)!

Tetsuya Mizuguchi is the latest person from the gaming industry that was able to see Hideo Kojima‘s newest and first game after having spent multiple decades on the Metal Gear franchise at Konami. The game is like the Yeti: everyone talks about it, but nobody has seen it yet…

Hideo Kojima wrote yesterday morning on Twitter that Tetsuya Mizuguchi SEGA Rally Championship, Manx TT Superbike, Space Channel 5, Rez, Lumines, Meteos, Ninety-Nine Nights producer, but with Tetris Effect last year, he has shown how to make the already addictive Tetris go a step further, and it’s playable in VR, too…) visiting him has made his day much better – he also enclosed a picture of their meeting.

Mizuguchi has also written about it on Twitter: „Touched the heart of Death Stranding today. Stunning… Hideo Kojima is still progressing. Can’t wait to play!”, then he added in Japanese that he also played the first game of Kojima Productions that was reformed under Sony. So, we can carve up another name to the „played Death Stranding” list…

Death Stranding is seemingly going to give it all in its sound department as well, as Philip Kovats, the audio director of Sony’s first-party studios, has written the following on Twitter a few days ago: „The Kojima Productions and PlayStation audio teams are working hard to bring you something new, unique and amazing. It’s really an awesome collaboration!” So the game won’t ignore the audio either, but frankly, Kojima’s previous games never seemed to have major issues with music and/or voice acting…

Kojima Productions has missed an internal deadline (which we discussed before), which is why Death Stranding is going to come out at a later date than initially planned (this date was never disclosed). The game is in development for PlayStation 4 (and possibly the next-gen PlayStation…), and it’s likely going to get a new trailer at the next State of Play stream (which we also discussed before).

Source: DualShockers, Jeuxvideo-Live


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