Infinity Ward Refuses to Censor Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

The context would justify the scenes the most controversial of censor Call of Duty: Modern Warfare.

During E3 2019, Taylor Kurosaki, the narrative director behind Call of Duty: Modern Warfare rejected the game required of censorship, as some critics suggested after the first demonstrations in the month of May.

According to Ichigo, context, need to those who have tried the game as demonstrations of violence in the campaign are not free and the story behind the game is important and aims to create a reflection.

“We have received feedback from people who have seen some of the demos in the sense that they are concerned or feel that [the game] should be censored.”, first recognized Kurosaki. “We believe that when you see a small part of this [the game] if you see throughout the game in context, I think that your point of view is very different. You will feel that it is intense, which is exciting, it is realistic, but that this game is not cheaper things. We do not present the things we present to generate impact, we present them because we’re trying to tell a story and a good story has… takes you through a journey and that journey should include laughter; It should include moments of people forming ties and friendships; and it should include moments that are most exciting and perhaps more uncertain. So we do not believe, at all, that this game should be censored. We believe that it is a story that is important and that, to the extent that people experience it, they will think. “, he concluded.

During the same talk, Ichigo explained that the idea behind the controversial moments show the side of the guerrillas of freedom, not only the perspective of Western soldiers and thus, generate a reflection on the players about the reality of the war for those who live it in its towns and cities. “So, for people whose Theater of war is not far from where they live, is in the city, is at his home… without that perspective, not explain all that side of the wars today felt like a failure enormous. “, said. Judging by the first step, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare manages, as part of its narrative, the concept that the line between right and wrong is hard to find in the current war operations theatre.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare debut on 25 October on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.

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