Was Final Fantasy VII Remake Planned To Be Next-Gen From The Start?

It’s extreme if true: at E3 2015 – when Final Fantasy VII Remake got announced -, there was no such thing as talking about the Xbox Project Scarlett and the PlayStation 5…

Yosuke Matsuda, the CEO of Square Enix, has told the following at E3 to GameInformer: „It’s the hottest topic at the moment and we thought you might ask us that. I believe that our teams have made it so that the game will support both the next generation and the current generation of consoles. I believe it is being developed so that it is going to be playable on both, so I’m not really concerned about that and I believe that the fans are also going to be able to enjoy it on both, including the next-generation of consoles.” This answer pretty much covers the question.

Tetsuya Nomura, the director of Final Fantasy VII Remake, revealed a lot more information about the game in his interview with Famitsu. Thus, we learned that the watchmen of fate (the black mist in the trailer) are mysterious beings that appear before the party wherever they go. I hope that even those who have played the original game will enjoy the new elements. There are quite a bit of dialogue options – the dialogue changes depending on your response, so the sheer volume of dialogue has increased. There are quite a few additions to the scenario. While the main story itself hasn’t changed, there are a countless number of new events – this is how the devs filled two Blu-ray discs.

„The Honey Bee Inn cross-dressing event is still in. We’ve made it more modern. If we made the facility as we did in the original game, the physical unease would be staggering, so that was no good…”, Nomura said. Aerith and Tifa are double heroines. One has a western-style look and the other an eastern-style look. „We wanted Tifa to have abs, so she has an athletic body type. The ethics department at Square Enix also told us that we had to tighten her chest as not to get unnatural during all the intense action. From there we got the black underwear and fitted tank top,” Nomura added.

„With an emphasis on immersion and exhilaration, you can fight without stress through the use of shortcuts. When you open the command menu, time slows and you can fight like a command battle. Each playable character has different enemy affinities. An item is required for MP recovery. For the sake of level design, we’re preparing a few new enemies where necessary,” Nomura said.

Final Fantasy VII Remake‘s first part is out on March 3 on PlayStation 4.

Source: WCCFTech, Gematsu

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