When a Wii and a GameCube merge into a Nintendo Advance [VIDEO]

A fan creates a console that joins the two Nintendo platforms on a single laptop.

If you dream of enjoying your favorite Wii and GameCube games again, and would like to do it while you enjoy your vacations, or on the way to class or work, maybe you can follow the example of this fan and build your own hybrid console inspired by Game Boy Advance: the Portable Wii GameCube Advance SP 2.

David Barscheski, a hardware expert, has shared all the details of his recreational genius so that those fans who want to imitate him, and have a 3D printer at hand, can replicate his proposal. Your console includes everything you need, from battery powered speakers. Its design mixes the premise of Advance with the layout of the buttons in the GameCube control.

If you prefer oversized platforms, do not miss this giant Nintendo Switch, in which portability is sacrificed for a large 1080-point screen.

Source: 3djuegos

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