What Was Bill Gates’ Biggest Mistake? The Billionaire Answers [VIDEO]

TECH NEWS – Bill Gates has made a significant mistake, and he revealed what it is.

Village Global has made a video interview with Gates, and he – as the co-founder of Microsoft – got very rich since the beginnings of the company. He could be even richer because he admitted his biggest mistake: allowing Google to get big in the mobile operating system scene, whose Android (according to Gates) is worth 400 billion dollars.

He didn’t stop there: Gates said that it was his mismanagement of the company that made Microsoft lose its ground on the mobile operating system front, calling the software industry a winner takes it all market. Microsoft should have made a standard non-Apple platform, but their executives laughed at the iPhone when the late Steve Jobs revealed in 2007 for not having a physical keyboard.

Google’s mobile OS team, headed by Andy Rubin, developed Android to work with touchscreens. Google bought Android for fifty million dollars in 2005, and over time, this OS has taken the market share from Windows Mobile, which led to the downfall of Windows Phone, which, according to Gates, wasn’t supported by the developers.

Gates says that Microsoft’s Windows operating systems and Office apps do well, their cloud business is improving, but the company could have been a leading one if they managed to create an iOS alternative. Android has two billion monthly users (which is a remarkable result in ten years), which is twice as many as Windows 10’s one billion.

Nowadays, Microsoft doesn’t seem to be interested in reviving Windows Phone, as they are reportedly working on a foldable Surface device. They expect to gain market share by developing hardware instead of software, as that boat has sailed since.

Source: WCCFTech

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