YouTube Steps Up Against „Instructional Hacking And Phishing”

TECH NEWS – Another category got banned from YouTube: you can no longer upload such videos to Google’s video sharing website.

YouTube’s terms of service list some videos we can’t upload. The new category is „Instructional hacking and phishing,” which is described as „Showing users how to bypass secure computer systems or steal user credentials and personal data.”

It already has a victim, namely an uploader who creates „videos for aspiring ethical hackers, computer scientists, and the infosec community.” YouTube seems to apply this rule retroactively to already uploaded videos, so if you have a video that is in this rule’s way, despite uploaded ten years ago, you’ll get a strike (and three strikes kill your channel). Let’s see what this person wrote on Twitter: „We made a video about launching fireworks over Wi-Fi for the 4th of July only to find out YouTube gave us a strike because we teach about hacking, so we can’t upload it. YouTube now bans: “Instructional hacking and phishing: Showing users how to bypass secure computer systems”

It’s impossible that YouTube’s algorithms can differentiate between a harmless video (showing the security flaws of a device) or a harmful one (talking about credit card fraud). Google pushes both groups under the same flag in an almost stupid fashion, even though one of them has no intention of creating danger and harm. And if we think about it, it might get worse in the future.

Let’s say you have a PC game that isn’t available on Steam, but you have it on a disc. It has a DRM that might be no longer supported, or its version in question is not working on a modern OS. Now, if you make a tutorial video on how to bypass/remove said DRM (which BLOCKS you from playing the game, which you have…), then it should not be penalized.

Source: WCCFTech

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