The Nintendo Switch Lite Will Be More Expensive In Europe

What a surprise, we’ve received the short end of the stick.

Yesterday, we already discussed the Nintendo Switch Lite announcement here, so we skip that. However, the pricing needs to be detailed. For example, the German Amazon site lists the new Switch for 230 euros, but the Spanish version of Amazon lists it for 240. Meanwhile, the German site also has the Pokémon Sword & Shield limited model, also for 240 euros. This needs to be mentioned because, in the US, the Switch Lite will be sold for 200 dollars. If we convert the more expensive 240 EUR to USD, we’d get 270. There’s a 70 dollar difference, which is still more if we consider the tax on the US pricing. In the United Kingdom, it’s been confirmed to be available in stores for 200 pounds, which is about 250 USD converted.

Doug Bowser, the American president of Nintendo, told CNET the following: „You will have the ability to transfer between devices, your gameplay experiences – more to come on there, but that is the intention.” It means you can transfer between the Nintendo Switch and the Nintendo Switch Lite, but it’d be just migration for now. However, Nintendo is also working on following the PlayStation 4’s and the Xbox One’s example: logging into a second device to access your account and the content. It’s a fair idea.

Meanwhile, we need to talk about the original Nintendo Switch, too – Nintendo already requested permission from the US Federal Communications Commission to modify the console in two (or three, as the third is the result of the first two) ways: they want to change the SoC, and the NAND memory (and the CPU board because of these modifications). In other words, they want to change the CPU (a boost? or, more likely: they want to switch to the new NVidia Tegra chip?), and also put more storage space into the updated Nintendo Switch.

Although Bowser said Nintendo doesn’t plan to launch more Nintendo Switch models this year (the Switch Lite is out on September 20), it could be the rumoured Switch Pro model, but it’s more likely just a minor tuning on the original Switch model, as its number is explicitly mentioned in the FCC site.

Source: VG247, WCCFTech

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