3.28% of Stock Market Drop for EA Because of the Absence of Juventus in FIFA 20!

The exclusive agreement of Konami for PES 2020 has not gone unnoticed by the shareholders of the North American company.

Summer is a fertile ground for the transfer market and the most unsuspected movements among football clubs, but this type of intrigue in video games is not lacking either. Just a couple of days ago we told you that PES 2020 has exclusive to Juventus FC. This, how could it be otherwise, has directly affected FIFA 20.

On the one hand because, as we mentioned yesterday, this supposes a series of absent elements that you can consult in our text How does FIFA 20 affect the Juventus exclusive? And, on the other, because all this is taking its toll on Electronic Arts itself.

It does so with a stock market drop of 3.28% just as this information becomes public, according to information from the British newspaper The Sun. It is a figure that may seem modest, but that would amount to some 660 million pounds in losses, ie approximately 732.60 million euros.


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